Join us for an insightful event featuring Joanna Williams, who will discuss the increasing politicization of education and its departure from classical educational principles with Enikő Szakos, researcher at Learning Insitute.

The key to defining the role of education lies in determining what to transmit and preserve. Many argue that the connection between education and the past is problematic. The politicization of education stems from the argument that schools should disengage from the past and instead serve contemporary political agendas. 'Uprooted from its historical context and enlisted in service to the future, education has been transformed into an empty vessel, ready to be filled by the political agendas of curriculum planners.' Over recent decades, the political objectives of educators have shifted. Schools in the Western world are now more preoccupied with issues such as gender, race, identity, and social justice, rather than prioritizing the transmission of knowledge and wisdom.

With Joanna Williams, a prominent figure in education (clarify her role or expertise), we will delve into questions regarding the role of education, the ideal curriculum, and, most importantly, the evolving role of teachers in today's society.

The event will be in English, without interpretation.All who interested are welcome!

Date: 21th May 2024 (thursday) – 11:00-12:00
Location: Scruton MCC – 1113 Budapest, Tas vezér u. 3-7.