How does a Chinese-owned university work in Hungary? Why is it good?

As for cooperation with China, partnerships between Hungarian universities and Chinese institutions can enrich the academic environment, promote cultural exchange, and open funding and research opportunities. Our guest, Junkai Ma, president of the Wekerle Sándor Business School, introduces us to this. 

Guest:Junkai Ma - President of the Wekerle Sándor Business SchoolGábor Halász - Senior researcher in the Learning InstituteJános Setényi - Director of the Learning Institute

Moderator:Lili Mezző - MCC student

The event will be in English, without interpretation.All who interested are welcome!

Date: 6th June 2024 (Thursday) – 17:00Location: Scruton MCC – 1113 Budapest, Tas vezér u. 3-7.